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The Middletown Health Department Remind Residents to Stay Food-Safe This Summer!

BAC (harmful bacteria) grows most rapidly between 40 °F and 140 °F, doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes! This range of temperatures is often called the "Danger Zone." Now is a great time to remind friends and neighbors about these basics for summer food safety:

  • Keep cold food cold, at or below 40 °F. Place food in coolers or in shallow containers nestled in ice.
  • Keep hot food hot, at or above 140 °F. Place cooked food in chafing dishes, preheated steam tables, warming trays, and/or slow cookers.
  • Don't leave food out for more than one hour if the temperature is above 90 degrees.

 Check out the Fight BAC website for more summer food safety tips!

Stay Safe With a Summer Favorite

hot dogsAmericans will consume millions of hot dogs this month and throughout the summer. Storing and cooking them properly is key to preventing illness.

  • Don't let hot dog juices get on cooking utensils, food prep surfaces or other items in the fridge.
  • Store hot dogs up to one week in the refrigerator once the package is opened, and up to two weeks unopened.
  • Even though they come fully cooked, hot dogs should be heated until steaming (or to an internal temp of 165 °F) to prevent listeriosis.

 You'll find tons more hot dog tips on the USDA FSIS website. Share them with your social networks today!

Mosquito Control

NJ State Animal Cruelty Laws

The State of New Jersey takes cruelty to animals very seriously. Please CLICK HERE to read documents about what constitutes animal cruelty, what the laws are, and how to identify and prevent animal cruelty and neglect. 

If you would like a printed copy of these documents, you may obtain them from the Middletown Township Health Department located at 180 Main Street in Port Monmouth or you can contact Animal Control at 732-615-2097 to have a copy mailed or emailed to you.

Health Department's Responsibilities

The Health Department oversees Public Health Issues, Environmental Concerns, Animal Control, Substance Abuse Services and Social Services. They also administer and enforce local health ordinances. Responsibilities of this department include:
  • Operating programs and activities for mosquito and rodent control, and administering dog regulations
  • Planning and administering a comprehensive public health program including environmental sanitation, communicable disease control, child and adult health education, laboratory services
  • Public recreational bathing, Septic, Well, Kennel/Pet Shop, Retail food establishment inspections
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    On Friday, August 9th, Jersey Central Power & Light issued a notice to customers who use electrically operated life-support equipment and private wells for water. Please read the notice for important information. Read on...
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The Middletown Municipal Alliance Presents the "Drugs and Alcohol Among Us" Series

Knowledge is the first step. Click HERE to watch the introductory video to learn more about the opioid epidemic and find out what Middletown Township is doing to help fight it.

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