Please Do Not Disturb or Feed Fawns

fawn-1Middletown Township has an extremely large population of deer. As spring has approached, so has the season when deer give birth. It is becoming increasingly common for our residents to find a fawn laying in their yard. This is perfectly normal. The mother deer has “placed” that baby there because she feels that it is safe.

In most cases, the fawn is placed there in the morning and the mother will return in the evening, but remains relatively nearby. Just because the mother cannot be seen, does not mean that the baby is abandonedThere is no need for the fawn to be removed. In fact, the fawn should not be handled for any reason or even approached. It is possible for a fawn to go into cardiac arrest by being frightened at being approached by humans. Do not try to feed the fawn or give it water. Up until about 4 weeks of age, the fawn gets everything it needs from its mother. Trying to get it to drink can cause water to get into its lungs and it essentially drowns.

Needing to mow your lawn or let your dog out is not a reason for Animal Control to remove a fawn from your property. The fawn should only be there for a majority of the day. Avoid the area where the fawn is and walk your pet on a leash during the time that the fawn is on the property.  If the fawn is in the same spot for longer than 24 hours, there is a possibility that there may be an issue. However, that would need to be assessed by an Animal Control Officer.

Being that Middletown Township has many areas where homes are either in, or are in close proximity to wooded areas, we need to understand that wildlife is a part of our beautiful town and co-existence to a point is necessary.

Please contact the Middletown Health Department and Animal Control with any questions at 732-615-2097 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM.