Local Review & Permits

Listed below is the local review & permitting process for development in the floodplain:

  1. You must complete an Application for Development Permit and submit to the Municipal Zoning Officer. The Zoning Officer will evaluate the application for adherence to the Zoning Code and approve or deny the application based on the need for variances.  
  2. If the property is located in a regulated flood zone, the application will be routed to the Municipal Floodplain Manager for review and to obtain a Floodplain Encroachment Permit. Per Middletown Ord. No 2022-3346, Section 103.10, a Floodplain Encroachment Permit is required for any fill, new construction, substantial improvement, or any other development in a regulated flood zone. The Floodplain Manager will also note additional relevant municipal and state reviews and permits that the applicant must adhere to; the applicant must contact relevant state agencies to determine if additional permitting is needed.
  3. Once Zoning and Floodplain approvals are complete, the applicant will be directed to submit plans to the Building Department for their construction permits. 
  4. Depending on the size and nature of the project, the Township's Engineering Department may require a set of plans to review for conformance to site grading and stormwater regulations. Read about residential grading plans. (PDF)
  5. Only when Zoning, Building, Floodplain Management, and Engineering (plus any other departments pertaining to the project specifics, such as a septic review from the Health Department) have all reviewed applications and plans and granted relevant permits can construction begin. This includes relevant permits from the NJDEP (see NJDEP Permits tab).
  6. A final inspection is completed by the Building Department and an As-Built survey is approved by the Engineering Department. The As-Built should match the project specs as presented in the approved plan.
  7. A CO will be issued when all departments are satisfied with the project.