What's Going Where?


Incoming Zoning-Approved Businesses

Business Name Location Type of Business Website Phone Number
Calaveras Restaurant 1864 NJ-35 (Previously Carrabba's Italian Grill) Restaurant https://thecalaverasnyc.com Coming Soon
Claudie's Chicken 113 Leonardville Road (Previously Sabatos Prime Meats) Restaurant https://myclaudies.com Coming Soon
General Plumbing Supply 170 NJ-36 (in North Middletown) Plumbing Supply Store https://generalplumbingsupply.net/middletown-counter Coming Soon
Patient First MD 1000 NJ-35 Suite 101 (Previously Biebel & DeCotiis Podiatry Associates Medical Facility Coming Soon Coming Soon
Wawa 1230 NJ-35 (Previously Friendly's) Convenience Store https://www.wawa.com/about/locations/store-locator Coming Soon

DISCLAIMER: The above businesses have been cleared by Zoning. This does not indicate that they have received ALL approvals required to obtain the actual C of O (i.e., some businesses may still be in-the-works with the inspection process). 

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