Conover Beacon Restoration

Conover Beacon is a lighthouse located on Leonard Avenue in the Leonardo section of Middletown. The first tower was constructed in 1856 at 55 feet. The second tower was constructed in 1941 at 45 feet. The lighthouse has been deactivated since 1988.

In March 2022, the Middletown Township Department of Public Works & Engineering (DPW) began restoration work on this historic landmark. This is a multi-phase in-house project to beautify and restore the beacon to its former glory. Please visit this page for updates on the project's progress!

The repair of the Conover Beacon is currently being finished by our public works team and before the summer, the beacon will once again shine with new paint and a new light. Middletown is committed to restoring the historic importance of this navigational tool and Bayshore symbol.

Middletown Matters Fall 2022 Update:

Our DPW crews are finalizing some of the structural improvements to Conover Beacon and it is expected to be painted early next year. The restoration of this historic beacon has been years in the making and we cannot wait to see it once again shine on our shores. (Mayor's Message)

DPW & Engineering has replaced rusted structural members and metal decking and is working on repairing structures and painting it. This project is funded by capital. (Parks & Facilities Upgrades Report)

4/15/22 Update:

DPW continues in-house restoration of Conover Beacon. Structural repairs should be completed next month, and the Township is currently seeking quotes to have the structure completely repainted.

Conover Beacon 4/15/22_1

3/18/22 Update:

DPW started preliminary restoration work on Conover Beacon earlier this week.DPW's welder Justin VanArsdale began replacing rusted structural member and metal decking on the beacon.

Conover Beacon 3/18/22