Green Grounds and Maintenance Policy

In 2022, The Township adopted a Green Grounds and Maintenance Policy. Whenever practical, the policy encourages sustainable municipal operations and incorporates best practices of efficient landscape design; water conservation; the use of recycled materials; and composting on municipally maintained grounds, parks, gardens, and landscaped areas to promote healthy communities and waste reduction. The policy establishes methods for Efficient Landscape Design, Minimization of Water Consumption, Recycled and Compost Materials, and Environmentally Conscious Maintenance practices.

The Township's Department of Public Works & Engineering – Building and Maintenance Division is already incorporating some of the encouraged methods in their daily routine such as utilizing native plants; reduction of mowing in tertiary passive locations such as Sunrise II and Gordon Court; reduction of lawn areas by planting native seed mixes; installation of stormwater management/rain garden components; utilization of in-house woodchips/mulch; organic turf maintenance program at the Middletown Arts Center (MAC), Middletown Township Public Library and Town Hall; and automatic flush toilets at Town Hall and the MAC.

Read the full policy. (PDF)