Murray Pond Bank Stabilization Project

On October 17, 2015, members from the Poricy Park Conservancy, Middletown Township Green Team, and 18-20 student volunteers, led by their science teacher from Middletown High School North, met at the Murray Pond at Poricy Park for a full day of physical labor to complete Phase 2 of the Murray Pond embankment stabilization Project to stabilize the eastern pond bank and the walking trail adjacent to the pond.

12 coir logs were installed along the eastern bank. The coir logs were twined together and staked along the pond edge. The space between the logs were backfilled with soil. The trail adjacent to the pond was stabilized with matting and then mulched over. Due to the low pond level on the day of installation, the native perennials to be planted in the space between the logs will be delayed until  further notice.

Murray Pond 2

Murray Pond 3