Helpful Guide to a Township Committee Meeting

While attending a Township Committee meeting in Middletown, the following information may be helpful:

The Mayor is the chairperson for the meeting and appointed to that position by the other members of the Committee annually. The Deputy Mayor, or Vice Chairman, assumes the chair in the absence of the Mayor.

At every meeting, an Agenda is made available to the public to announce what items of business are before the Township Committee, and determine the flow of the meeting. The Township Committee conducts an agenda meeting which is a workshop session on the first Monday of every month to discuss items which will be acted upon at the next meeting unless otherwise posted.

Public participation is allowed during the public portion. Members of the public desiring to speak, must give their name and address and limit their statement to five minutes allowing for other members of the public to have a chance to speak.

Copies of the agenda for each of the meetings are available at all meetings and online at the Friday before the regularly scheduled meeting. Copies of ordinances which will have their public hearings are also available to the public during the Clerk’s business hours, in the Two River Times or Star Ledge legal ad section or online after the ordinance is introduced at a meeting of the Township Committee. Agendas are prepared by the Township Clerk and are posted in the Lobby of the Municipal Building and on the website along with any ordinances scheduled for public hearings and Resolutions.

The Township Committee will take action on only those items listed on the agenda that is available to the public. Copies are available on the official bulletin board and at the lobby/entrance of the Main Meeting Room.

Items listed on the agenda in which the public may participate are:

1.Public Hearings

During Public Hearings the public may ask questions regarding the ordinance for which the public hearing is being held.

2.Public Comments Portion

In the public comments portion, if appropriate, the chairperson may direct and recognize a staff employee or professional of the Township to respond. The chair may request that any question asked of the Township Committee or its staff of professionals which, due to its complexity or need for research or factual investigation cannot be answered immediately, be placed in writing by the inquirer and directed to the appropriate Township official and that an answer be provided to the inquirer as soon as possible. 


Procedure for Introduction and Public Hearing Ordinances may be introduced and read on first reading by reading the title only. After publication and notice of hearing and upon the opening of the hearing, the ordinance shall be given a second reading, which may also be by title only, and thereafter it may be passed with or without amendments or rejected.

Prior to the second reading, a copy of the ordinance shall be posted on the bulletin board, website or other public place upon which public notices are customarily posted in the Municipal Building, and copies of the ordinance shall be made available to members of the general public of the Township who shall request such copies.


Resolutions, unless laid over by a majority vote of the Committee, shall be acted upon the day of introduction or presentation by separate vote or consent agenda vote. There is no public hearing required on resolutions.


The information and action items on official agenda’s may be reviewed on the Township Website under Meetings or the Office of the Township Clerk at On this website you will be able to review Pending Ordinances, Resolutions, Approved Minutes, and Agendas. Legal Notices will continue to be published by law in the official Township newspapers.