The patrol function of any police department is recognized as the core function of a policing agency and ours is no exception. There are 6 patrol squads assigned to the Patrol Bureau. Each squad is staffed with a Lieutenant who serves as the Shift Commander, a Sergeant who is the Road Supervisor and 8 to 10 Police Officers.

Patrol Districts

The township is divided into 7 patrol districts. During an 10.5 hour tour each district is staffed with 1 officer. That officer will be the primary responder to any type of emergency or call for police assistance in their assigned district. Typically officers respond to reports of burglaries, thefts, criminal mischief, crimes in progress, domestic violence, burglar alarm activations, shoplifting, motor vehicle crashes, medical emergencies and fire calls. If the officer requires any additional or specialized assistance, other units will be dispatched to assist.

Complaints & Security

As well as responding to the variety of calls we receive, officers patrol their district to address the number of complaints we receive regarding motor vehicle violations such as speeding and aggressive driving. Additionally local businesses are patrolled, as are neighborhoods, schools, parks and areas of concern related to homeland security issues. Officers are trained in the detection of those who operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and this is a violation they aggressively pursue.

Patrol Cars

Our patrol cars are equipped with mobile data terminals, which enable the officer to search a variety of databases to ascertain if a vehicle is registered, the operator is lawfully operating a vehicle or if a subject is a wanted person.

Other Equipment

Officers are also trained in the use of Automatic External Defibrillators, (AEDs) which are used in the event of a person suffering a cardiac arrest. Officers will have an AED with them on patrol and they have been used successfully on many occasions. Radar units are standard equipment in our patrol vehicles and officers are trained in their operation. Speeding is a frequent complaint we receive from residents and excessive speed increases the likelihood of serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash Our units are also equipped with first aid equipment, portable oxygen, fire extinguishers and water rescue equipment.