Adopt A Historic Cemetery

History of Local Cemeteries

17th and 18th century cemeteries are nestled in wooded areas among residential neighborhoods in the Township of Middletown. The fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters interred in these cemeteries are the earliest settlers of our town, and many of our streets are named for their families.

The cemeteries resided on land owned by someone in a family. For example, around 1684, John Throckmorton Sr. from Providence, Rhode Island, visited his 2 sons and daughter in Middletown. He died while he was here, and his family buried him behind John Junior’s house on Kings Highway. Thus, the Throckmorton- Lippit- Taylor Burying Ground was established and used by several families throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ownership & Maintenance

The Township of Middletown owns some of these cemeteries, and the others have been abandoned by their owners many years ago. Middletown, churches, and Monmouth County maintain some of these cemeteries, but those that are not maintained are overgrown with weeds, fallen branches, and briars. Some of the headstones have fallen down and the footstones are disappearing into the ground.

Boy Scout Eagle projects have restored some of these cemeteries in recent years. The boys and their families and friends have taken pride in the work they performed, and they have all received much satisfaction as a result of their labor. Some of these projects can be seen in the following cemeteries:

  • Applegate Burial Ground in Leonardo
  • Drummer Boy/Herbert Cottrell on Old Country Road
  • Hartshorne Cemetery on Kings Highway
  • Throckmorton-Lippit- Taylor Burying Ground on Penelope Lane

Work Needed

These historic cemeteries are a part of our American heritage, and their restoration and maintenance would be a wonderful project for a group or individuals. The work needed is cleaning out the brush and fallen branches, and if possible, erecting the fallen headstones and resetting the footstones in the ground.

If you are interested in restoring one of the historic cemeteries in Middletown, please contact Roseann Eteson, Landmarks Commissioner at You must talk to the Landmarks Commission before you do any work. 

Abandoned Cemeteries

The following list provides the locations and names of the “abandoned” cemeteries/burial grounds in need of attention.

Location Name of Burial Ground
Block & Lot
Locust Point Road and Lakeside
Maxson / Robbins
Block 791
Lot 1
On High School South Grounds
Patterson Family
Block 998
Lot 10
Newman Springs Road, Lincroft
Bennet Family
Block 1062
Lot 28
Old Country Road
Herbert / Cottrell / Drummer Boy
Block 599
Lot 38
Red Hill Road on the Lucent Property
Golden Family
Block 1045
Lot 1
 Wood and York Avenues
Eastmond Family
Block 584
Lot 1
Woodland Drive, Lincroft
Allaire / Trinity Church
Block 1085
Lot 4
Half Mile Road
Grover Family
Block 1098
Lot 111
Harmony Road
Dennis Family
Block 580
Lot 19
Harmony Road
Harmony Road Burial Ground
Block 611
Lot 12
Hurley Lane, Lincroft
Reeves Family
Block 1073
Lot 1
Hurley Lane
Clayton / Thompson
Block 1072
Lot 24
Kings Highway
Presbyterian Block 813
Lot 3
Kings Highway
Hendrickson Family
Bock 813
Lot 3
Bonnie Drive
Hallebake Family
Block 592
Lot 8
Burlington and Cedar Avenue, Leonardo
Applegate Family
Block 331
Lot 1
Church and Jane, Belford
Compton Family
Block 284
Lot 6
Church Street, Belford (Next to 370 Church Street)
Belford Burial Ground
Block 519
Lot 6