Brush Collection

Residential Brush Curbside Collection (Spring)

  • Tree limbs
    • Not to exceed 8 inches in diameter
    • No more than 50 pounds in weight
    • Maximum length of 3 feet, in order to fit into the trucks
  • Separate larger tree parts from brush and branches.
  • Brush may not be bagged.
  • Tree stumps, lumber, plywood, fence posts, railroad ties will not be collected with brush. These items must be disposed of privately.
  • Place loose brush and tree parts at the curb no more than 1 week prior to your collection date. Do not place this material on the street and/or sidewalks. This creates a serious hazard for children walking to school and other pedestrians, as well as an unsightly condition in your neighborhood.
  • The maximum collection per residence is 4 cubic yards (2 feet wide, 3’ high, 18’ length)
  • Residents are responsible for brush removal after the scheduled pick up occurs. Under recently amended regulations, Public Works is also authorized to remove improperly disposed materials and assess the cost of removal and disposal against the responsible resident.

Residents - Brush Disposal

  • Residents are welcome to bring brush to the Middletown Recycling Center, free of charge, during business hours (Thursday through Mondays 8:30AM - 4:30PM)..

 Landscaper - Brush Disposal 


  • Please note that vehicles with commercial license plates are not permitted to dump brush unless vehicle is registered with Township in conjunction with a valid Middletown landscaper permit.
  • Landscapers must pay for the brush quantity (in accordance with the current fee schedule) at the DPW Administrative building prior to dumping. 
  • Landscapers hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm only.