Fire Prevention

The primary responsibility of the Fire Official is the enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code and other local fire safety regulations. Major activities within the scope of this office include:
  • Fire investigations to determine origin and cause
  • Fire permit control
  • Fire safety complaints
  • Inspections of life hazard uses
  • Inspections of nonlife hazard uses (except owner-occupied one- and two-family dwellings)
New Jersey Uniform Fire Code
The purpose of this code is to establish the minimum requirements consistent with nationally recognized good practice for providing a reasonable level of life safety and property protection from the hazards of fire, explosion or dangerous conditions in new and existing buildings, structures and premises and to provide safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.

Safety Provisions

The Uniform Fire Code is designed to assure that fire safety provisions in existing buildings are maintained and that specific target hazards are retrofitted with fire protection systems, fire resistive construction or other fire safety features that the state has identified as benefiting the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Building Categories
Buildings and their associated occupancies are broken down in 2 categories, Life Hazard Uses and Nonlife Hazard Uses. Life Hazard Uses (LHU's) must be registered with the state. Both Life Hazard Uses and Nonlife Hazard Uses are inspected in accordance with the code. The UFC is provides for temporary situations such as special events, tents, canopies, construction site safety and use of flame producing equipment.

To Register a Business (if occupying commercial space only); 

*Please note - Business Certificate of Occupancy from Building Department required prior to Fire Prevention registration

Special Permit Applications are required for Special Events such as Carnivals, Food Trucks, Tents, etc. where the following activities will require Fire Inspection:

  • Cooking/Open Flame (Health Dept application required for food vendors)
  • Propane Use
  • Tents greater than 900 sq. ft. in area or more than 30 ft. in any dimension (Read a PDF about the tent permit requirements)
  • Fireworks Displays, etc.

NON-FOOD TRUCK: Complete the Special Type 1 Permit Application. (PDF)

Food Truck Vendors:

Effective immediately (per Township Ordinance 2023-3378), revised fee schedule to include Inspection Fees as specified below in addition to the Type 1 permit fee of $54.00:

  • $100 weekday inspection fee (8:00am-4:00pm)
  • $175 after hours, weekend & holiday inspection fee
  • $50 reinspection fee (if required)

These fees may be combined on one check made out to Middletown Fire Prevention.

FOOD TRUCK: Complete the Special Permit Application for Itinerant Retail Food Handling Establishments. (PDF)

Inspection requirements/restrictions:

Permit received via application for a special fire inspection as per N.J.A.C. 5:70. The permit for Itinerant Retail Food Handling Establishments is valid for one day, up to and not to exceed 6 consecutive days, of operation where the establishment remains on site. The permit is not valid for intermittent days of operation during the timeframe of application.

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How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Exposure

CO Poisoning Information Opens in new window

In order to prevent exposure to carbon monoxide, the Middletown Township Fire Prevention Office and Health Department encourage residents to read the New Jersey Department of Health's fact sheet above. Remember to make sure that both your furnace and Carbon Monoxide detectors are in good working order. 

Read this fact sheet in Spanish. (PDF)

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