Message From the MTFD Regarding COVID-19

**Important Message**

If you are calling 911 for any police, fire or medical emergency, and have a fever, cough, or any flu-like symptoms, PLEASE let the dispatcher know! If you are quarantined (mandatory or self-imposed) in your home or business due to possible or confirmed COVID-19 exposure, PLEASE notify 911 when you call and advise the dispatcher. We also ask that you place a sign/note on your front door to alert our firefighters, EMTs, and law enforcement officers to take infection-prevention precautions before prior to entering your home or business. 

It is imperative that we protect our crews so that they will be able to continue to meet the emergency needs of the community. In other areas- there have been entire agencies that wound up getting quarantined because they were not alerted prior to responding and entering the homes of presumed positive residents. Those first responders are now unavailable to help anyone for at least 14 days. The emergency services community CAN NOT afford to have this happen! If we are out of service, we cannot help you, our neighbors and the community. Also, we do not want to have to take it home to our families or risk compromising the safety of our community when there are prevention procedures that can be implemented. 

 Thank you,  

Middletown Township Fire Department