Curbside Bulk Collection

Click HERE to view your garbage, recycling and bulk collection schedule. 

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Please use the RECYCLE COACH app for more information.

Bulk items are considered large items that do not fit into the black garbage cart, such as furniture, mattresses (must be wrapped in plastic), etc.   Garbage bags, cardboard, construction debris, nor styrofoam will not be collected as they are not considered bulk.

Please note: The disposal of mattresses has become a concern due to bedbugs being found on numerous occasions. To protect sanitation workers, residents are required to wrap the mattresses and/or box springs in plastic sheets, secured with duct tape for curbside bulk collection.  Plastic wrapping or plastic bags must be sufficient to cover all exposed areas of the mattress and box spring. If this requirement is not complied with, these items will not be picked up and shall be removed from the curbside until the items comply with this requirement.  Plastic wrapping for these items can be found at your local home improvement store.

Up to 4 pieces of bulk at 75 lbs maximum, each, are permitted for bulk day.  Items must be less than 6' in length.  

Bulk items must be placed in the street on your designated bulk collection day.  Check Recycle Coach for your next bulk collection day.  The carting company is not permitted to take anything off of your property, driveway, or sidewalk.  Additionally, bulk is collected in a separate truck from the garbage collection.

Please consider donating items in good condition to charity.

There is no bulk collection on the following holidays: New Years day, Independence day, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.  If your bulk day falls on one of these, it will be collected on the following Saturday.

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