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Things to remember for curbside bulk collection: 

  • You can only put out up to 4 items for each bulk pickup

  • Each item should not exceed 75 pounds or about 6 feet in length. Examples of items accepted for bulk pickup include couches, wood furniture, carpeting and mattresses (see requirements for these items above)

To Bulk or Not to Bulk?

That is the question.  Here is the answer:

The following items are NOT considered bulk and ARE RECYCLABLE:

o    Metal items (BBQ grills, weight benches & weights, bed rails, etc.)

o    Rigid & Heavy Plastics (coolers, children’s toys & playhouses, plastic sheds, etc.) 

o    Household Appliances (refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, AC units, etc.)

o    Electronics (TVs, computers, stereos, cell phones, etc.)

o    Styrofoam

o    Yard Waste (brush & leaves)

These items MUST be recycled by bringing them to the Recycling Center on  Kanes Lane or by calling DPW to have them picked-up curbside for a fee (yard waste and styrofoam excluded).  Please do not place these items curbside with regular recycling or bulk.

The following items are NOT considered bulk and are NOT RECYCLED at Kanes Lane:

o    Construction & Demolition Debris (lumber, concrete, bricks, asphalt, drywall, etc.)

o    Landscaping Debris (dirt, gravel, stone, concrete pavers, wood ties, etc.)

These items MUST be disposed of at the proper solid waste or recycling facilities.  

Please note that cardboard (not matter how large) is not considered bulk, it must be recycled (broken down and placed inside your blue Township-provided recycling cart).

Bulk items are typically furniture and mattresses (which must be wrapped in plastic to be collected).  

Please note: The disposal of mattresses has become a concern due to bedbugs being found on numerous occasions. To protect sanitation workers, residents are required to wrap the mattresses and/or box springs in plastic sheets, secured with duct tape for curbside bulk collection.  Plastic wrapping or plastic bags must be sufficient to cover all exposed areas of the mattress and box spring. If this requirement is not complied with, these items will not be picked up and shall be removed from the curbside until the items comply with this requirement.  Plastic wrapping for these items can be found at your local home improvement store.

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