Curbside Bulk Collection

NORTH ZONE - Bulk collection is every other week, on the Thursday after your recycling collection day.

SOUTH ZONE - Bulk collection is every other week, on the Friday after your recycling collection day.


Bulk items are considered large items that do not fit into the black garbage cart, such as furniture, mattresses, etc.  Bulk items in garbage bags will not be collected.  

Please note that bulk is collected in a separate truck from the garbage collection.  Bulk waste must be less than 6 feet in length and no more than 75 pounds each.  Residents are permitted up to four pieces of bulk, per bulk collection day.

Building material, demolition material, major household appliance, electrical & plumbing fixtures may not be placed curbside as bulk.  They must be disposed of accordingly.  

Please note that cardboard (not matter how large) is not considered bulk, it must be recycled (broken down and placed inside your blue Township-provided recycling cart).

Please note that styrofoam is also not considered bulk, nor recycling.  It must be broken down and placed in your black garbage cart.

There is no bulk collection on the following holidays: New Years day, Independence day, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.  If your bulk day falls on one of these, it will be collected on the following Saturday.