Certificates of Appropriateness

The Landmarks Commission (LMC) is responsible for issuing Certificates of Appropriateness to Middletown property owners who are planning additions or alterations to any building in one of Middletown’s 5 Historic Districts.


The purpose is to insure that the historic integrity of the district is maintained for all residents in the neighborhood and in the township.

Review Process

The review process is very simple and is often accomplished in a single meeting.

Verify with Zoning Official

Applicants with a construction project need to contact the Township Zoning Official to verify that they are in one of our designated historic districts. If so, the Zoning Officer will direct you to the Commission Secretary who can put your project on the agenda for the next available meeting.

Present Sketches & Site Information

Applicants should bring sketches and site information that explains what they are planning to do. The LMC prefers to review sketches, photos and preliminary designs with the homeowner and/or their Architect or builder if they have one. The services of an attorney are not required and there is no fee for the application or review.

Suggestions Offered

Reviews are usually informal conversations with the members of the commission and suggestions are offered in the interest of historic appropriateness.