Brush & Leaf Collection

Brush and leaves are collected once each annually.  Brush is collected in the spring and leaves are collected in the fall.

The Fall leaf collection is COMPLETE as of 1/27/17.  

Residents may dispose of any additional leaves (November 1st to June 1st) or additional brush (year round) at no charge at the Kanes Lane Recycling Center, Thursday through Monday, from 8:30 am - 4:30pm.  

Landscapers with a valid Middletown Landscaper Permit, may drop off leaves (from November 1st to June 1st) at no charge and brush (year round) for $10 / CY.
The 2017 curbside brush collection schedule is posted below. 

Please note that collection start dates are approximate and weather dependent.
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  5. Christmas Trees

2017 Brush Collection Schedule

Zone Approx. Start Date* Current Status
I           March  27 Completed
K           March  27 Completed
J           April  10 Completed
L           April  10 Completed
F           April  24 Completed
H           April  24 Completed
A           May  8 Completed
B           May  8 Completed
C           May  22 In Progress
D           May  22 In Progress
E           May  30 In Progress

          May  30

In Progress